Galvan Screen and Mirror

Sapele frame with lower panels in African mahogany. Upper panels are basswood lattices and Japanese mulberry paper.

This central room had once been the client’s dining area, but on account of the pandemic was converted into an at-home gym. Not wanting to give the space over entirely to this new purpose, we brainstormed ways in which to hide the equipment from view, while still maintaining an aesthetic the client had worked so long to refine.

Each of the four panels are 7 feet tall by 18 in wide. The central panels are gold leafed on one side and mirrored on the other. The purpose of this was to absorb and reflect light back into the room when functioning as a living space. Then, when placed at the other side of the room, in front of the window, it could be used as a full length mirror while still allowing light in through the papered transom.

Apart from being tall enough to conceal the large piece of work out equipment behind it, the screen had also to be light enough to maneuver with ease. (I believe the total weight of the screen came in at a little over 20lbs. This could be reduced significant by using a different woods, such as cypress and cedar, for the frame and hip boards.)


Double tenons through mortised for extra strength and durability.
A rare find. The mahogany board these panels were cut and jointed from was an especially lucky find, as I have yet to see this sort of patterning elsewhere. Finished in shellac.

~ by calebnrogers on January 5, 2021.

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