Classes in Japanese Woodworking

Classes currently offered:

Tansu Building Class: A week long class focusing on the construction of a traditional Japanese shoe cabinet (getabako). All hand tools, all out of doors. (Call for prices and scheduling. Three student max.)

Sashimono: The Art of Building without Nails or Screws

In this two day class we will take a close look at the fundamentals of traditional Japanese joinery, paying special attention to the mortise and tenon. (Call for prices and scheduling. Four student max).IMG_20201113_180644

Introduction to Japanese Tools

In this one day class we will explore the differences between Japanese and Western hand tools, focusing primarily on planes, chisels and saws. (Four student max. Call for prices and scheduling.)





To schedule a class, please contact me via email, text or phone.

971 347 4441

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