Tansu (cabinets)


Esho Funi tansu are handmade using traditional Japanese hand tools and construction techniques.

No nails. No screws.

Responsibly harvested woods.

Shipping available to most countries.

Please have a look below, where you will find examples of tansu I have built for clients over the years. If there is one you like in particular, please copy and paste the image into an email. If there are several that you like, all the better, as it means we can take your favorite pieces from each and make something new.


Tansu begin at $550 and go up in price depending on size and complexity of the design.

The goal is for you to have something truly unique, something that will enhance your daily meditations and last for lifetimes.


971 347 4441

Custom chests and tables

  • custom, handmade cabinets
  • no nails, no screws.
  • locally sourced wood
  • units can be made with sliding doors, hinged doors and/or drawers
  • units may be stacked one atop another
  • versatile and elegant

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