What is esho funi?




stamp2    Meaning: oneness of life and its environment

[依正不二] (Jpn esho-funi )


“Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.”
Erwin Schrodinger

“I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money – has turned himself into a slave.”
Joseph Campbell



2 Responses to “What is esho funi?”

  1. Hi Caleb, my name is Christina Rheubottom and created a beautiful butsudan and altar in April 2018. My daughter would like a simple butsudan and small table made by you also. Her name is Rachelle Kose and her husbands name is Frank Rose. I sent them your Instagram info. What is the best way to reach you?

  2. Hello. Lovely to hear from you! The best way for them to contact me is via my email. I look forward to speaking with them. eshofunibutsudans@gmail.com

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