Vawter Butsudan

Custom altar in red oak, African mahogany and curly maple. Lamps designed specifically for this butsudan, made extra tall to display vases containing evergreen branches.

Method :

These pieces were made using a combination of traditional Japanese tools and modern Western power tools. Most of the work however was done by hand, either on a standard height workbench, a low horse or working directly on the floor.

Purpose :

The altar was commissioned by a Nichiren Buddhist, who will use this slimmer style of butsudan to enshrine a ritual scroll called a gohonzon. It is the practice to sit or kneel before the gohonzon twice daily (in the morning and evening) to chant excerpts from the Lotus sutra and offer prayers.

African mahogany panels and gold leaf interior. Gold leaf applied by hand over stippled paint.
Three ply specialty paper in doors and lamp shades. Two layers of handmade Japanese paper sandwiching a layer of polyurethane. Tear resistant.
Pedestals for butsudan and lanterns “pillowed” with curly maple.


Routed pulls less conspicuous.

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