Butsudan with Circular Opening

Custom Butsudan in alder, sapele and bubinga.

No nails. No screws. Handmade using traditional Japanese hand tools.

Gold leaf backing

Drawer upholstered in fabric featuring traditional Japanese asanoha motif

Inner doors with six asanoha leaf patterns

Tansu cabinet with two sliding doors.

Pair of mini andon lanterns (wood and paper)

Meditation stool (seiza bench) in curly maple

Please contact me via email for information on pricing, build time and shipping.

~ by calebnrogers on August 1, 2020.

One Response to “Butsudan with Circular Opening”

  1. Lovely peace of Art! I am looking to buy a Butsudan. From my search so far, I like your work the most! Can I see the prices of the butsudans, because that’s what will be a decider for my choice making as I like all of them. Thank you in advance!

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