Butsudan #50 (Cloud Dragon)


  • Ready to ship
  • Cloud Dragon washi (handmade Japanese rice paper)
  • Poplar body with walnut and maple accents (sawhorses sold separately)
  • Completely handmade. No nails. No screws. No power tools.
  • Sliding doors with walnut handles
  • Dimensions:
    • Total height: 80 cm
      Total width: 68cm
      Interior height: 53 cm
      Interior width: 30.5 cm
      Interior depth: 6.5 cm
  • Suitable for all standard sized gohonzons
  • Comes with battery powered LED light
  • Omomori knot or metal hook
  • Original design by Caleb Nakia Rogers
  • Typically ships within 5 business days
  • Please contact me directly at eshofunibutsudans@gmail.com

About this Butsudan

I was in Seattle recently, where I stumbled upon a roll of Dragon Cloud washi (Japanese rice paper). It has such a lovely translucence, made all the lovelier by the silky, almost iridescent, strands floating within the mulberry pulp (hence the paper’s name).

The butsudan is made form a single board, with the poplar’s heartwood at its core. Each piece has been hand-planed smoothe and is a delight to touch.  The lintel is of curly maple and has a grain-pattern with such depth that it seems almost holographic.

This butsudan makes any room feel more serene. Currently, I have it on display in my studio as a small, portable tokonoma, complete with hanging scroll and ikebana flower arrangement.

~ by calebnrogers on July 7, 2016.

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