Ranma (Transom) Butsudan

Typically, my butsudans are built to order, however, from time to time I come up with an idea that I’d like to see in three dimensions. Transoms are a common feature in traditional Japanese homes, filling the space between the top of the sliding doors and the ceiling. Also known as ranma, they allow the air to move freely between rooms and can be anything from simple shoji style dividers (as seen above) or more elaborately carved wooden panels.

Here, the transom allows a glimpse of the omamori knot as well as the maple otoshigake (lintel).

Walnut through tenons secure both the shoulders and the belt.

  • Completely handmade butsudan
  • Built from a single poplar board
  • No nails. No screws. No power tools.
  • Original design
  • Poplar wood with walnut and maple accents
  • Your choice of backing (gold, silver, natural)
  • Suitable for standard sized gohonzon (opening 34cm wide x 60cm high)
  • Comes with battery operated LED light
  • Your choice of either hand-tied Omamori knot or metal hook
  • Single drawer
  • $650 + shipping (usually ships within five business days)
  • Please contact me directly, either by phone or by email
    • 971 284 3105
    • eshofunibutsudans@gmail.com 

~ by calebnrogers on June 29, 2016.

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