New Butsudan Designs

Three new butsudans. All handmade. No power tools. No nails. No screws. Handmade rice glue for adhering the washi paper to the sliding shoji screens. Butsudans are displayed on my workbench, which sits 8 inches off the ground. The wood is poplar, save for the widest which has a pine body and hemlock doors.

Butsudan 10Butsudan 8 Butsudan 7 Butsudan 5

~ by calebnrogers on August 9, 2014.

4 Responses to “New Butsudan Designs”

  1. Mi piace molto . Quanto Costa?

  2. Butsudans begin at $450 and go up in price depending on size and design. Please feel free to send me an email at for more information. Thank you!

  3. We’re is price for this butsudan l.p.

  4. Hello. Handmade butsudans begin at $550. For more accurate pricing, please send an email to Please attach the photo of the butsudan you are interested in. Thank you.

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